Baccarat Demystified – Rules Strategies and Tips

Baccarat Demystified – Rules Strategies and Tips

Baccarat is one of the most popular games of chance in the casinos of Asia. It is a table-based game, in which player places a bet on the Player or Banker side, and the total point (sum of the digit values of both cards) nearest to 9 is the winner.

Learn how to place smart bets in this all-time classic card game with helpful guidance on the odds and the house edge by Dr Catalin Barbioanu in this guide.

Game rules

Baccarat is one of the most popular games in casinos around the world precisely for this reason: it’s fun and easy to play, and the house edge is low (just 1.06 per cent on the banker bet or the tie bet). It’s certainly possible to play the game and have fun despite being unaware of all the rules but, if you’ve chosen to read this article, you’re probably curious about those rules and will enjoy knowing them before you arrive at the table.

The players and the banker are each dealt two cards and the ones that come closest in total towards nine will win their hand (ties are impossible).

By adding more variety to its gameplay via side bets that itself offers more variety than its three base bets, not to mention many optional bets, which are additional betting options and odds than its base bets! Some of the side bets are decided upon a streak whilst others are by rule, and some of them require higher minimum than its base bets, so it is advisable to you, as a player, to know more about it before betting on it.


Born the beloved past-time of Napoleonic French noblemen, baccarat is an exciting game of luck with old-fashioned class; a favoured occupation of high rollers and James Bond movies, its influence has spread everywhere. When playing baccarat, luck seemingly reigns supreme. However, there are many betting systems which can spice up the game for you, such as flat betting to positive and negative progressions – these systems will help your odds!

See, Labouchere betting systems, or their Split Martingale counterparts, are one of the most powerful baccarat winning strategy. They are relatively easy to learn and are designed in such a way that let you to win more than lose.

A good tip for effective baccarat strategy is knowing when and how much to bet on Banker and Player. Outcomes in previous rounds ought to be a factor in that, but each round is a new one, and putting all your money on these outcomes based solely on past results can end up in substantial losses. Additionally, setting limits helps avoid spending more than you can afford to lose in a single session of gaming by walking away from the table when you reach those win/loss limits.


Baccarat is among the most popular casino games found at online casinos, and for good reasons. What makes baccarat so enjoyable is just how simple the underlying gameplay is. On the surface, it requires nearly no critical thinking or reading of limited information in order to figure out how to play, making this a perfect candidate for novices who wish to learn a card game without having to learn how to think like a card shark.

Behind all this is a game where two cards are dealt faceup and everyone at the table can see them. Whoever is closest to nine wins the point, or it’s a standoff.

Baccarat has a large number of side bets which can improve your gaming options and chances of winning. Some are related to the total value of banker and player hands; others are related to patterns. Banker Pair: this is paid whenever the banker is dealt two cards being pairs.


Although baccarat is a fairly simple game, starting to play it is even easier. Side bets can add extra fun to baccarat for those who decided to give it a try. Also side bets boost your profits; but keep in mind that the risks have to be treated quite seriously.

That’s because baccarat – unlike blackjack – is a completely random game, which means that, despite the existence of certain channel patterns in its history, nothing can be done to exploit these patterns through card counting.

This relates to increasing your bet size with increasing losses and decreasing them with increasing wins, and is effectively a Martingale betting system except that you don’t increase the bet size as much after losing. This preserves your funds (especially against extravagant spells of bad luck) even better than the doubling bet, but here too, a hefty bankroll needs to be set aside to tolerate runs of losses, as you do profit from streaks.