The Art of Casino Cuisine: Top Celebrity Chef Restaurants in Casinos

The Art of Casino Cuisine: Top Celebrity Chef Restaurants in Casinos

When you think of a casino, you probably picture mass quantities of crowd-friendly cuisine. But now, casinos are embracing the art of fine dining with restaurants that showcase culinary brilliance.

From steakhouses to asian eateries, here are some of the best celebrity chef restaurants at casinos. Whether you’re a foodie or just looking for something different, these places are worth a trip to the casino.

1. Prism Steakhouse

Casino restaurants have long been a place where food and gambling collide. From rows of cafeteria-grade dishes kept warm under heat lamps to giddy high rollers in lavish steak houses, casino restaurants now offer an array of boundary-pushing menus that set culinary trends nationwide.

The latest offering from Chef Garces is a paean to Mexico City, bringing authentic Mexican cuisine to the world of Atlantic City casinos. Distrito features a mix of street tacos and nachos for snacking, along with more traditional fare like grilled pork chops with salsa verde and an award-winning Tuscan steak salad that combines gorgonzola, tomato, cannellini beans, and herbs.

At Prism Steakhouse, located in the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum at 555 E Lafayette St, diners can enjoy top-quality steak and seafood while enjoying beautiful views of downtown Detroit. The restaurant recently won the Open Table Diners’ Choice award.

2. Thirty-Two

Casinos are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of food and beverage to their overall customer experience. Not only is it an enticing way to reward and engage regulars, but it can also help ease the highs and lows of gambling and provide a more rounded entertainment experience.

Chefs don’t get more recognizable than in Sin City, and having their name on the marquees of a celebrity casino restaurant is a surefire way to draw attention from the media and fans. The menu at thirty-two reflects this, with dishes like ahi tuna in citrus emulsion with herbs, greens and pickled shiitake over chilled soba noodles and slow-braised beef cheek with quail egg, heirloom fingerling potatoes and polenta grits.

The wine list here is a four-diamond winner, and a sommelier is available to help pair your meal with the perfect glass.

3. The Kitchen at Southland

In a world of gaming rooms and high rollers, casinos are stepping up their dining options. Gone are the days of cafeteria-grade food kept warm under heat lamps and celebratory sirloins served to giddy gamblers in casino-adjacent steak houses.

Chef Garces’s two new Atlantic City restaurants, Amada and Distrito, showcase his mastery of cuisine. The upscale Amada features an array of dishes, while the more casual Distrito brings authentic Mexican cuisine to a casino setting.

Aisa Shelley’s new restaurant at Casino is her first casino-based venture, but she’s no stranger to the sceney. She has a handful of other New York restaurants to her name, including Mr. Fong’s and Primo’s. She says she’s trying to make the space feel timeless at Casino, with white tablecloths and a bit of old-world glamor.

4. Prism Bar & Grill

Casinos have come a long way from rows of cafeteria-grade foods served under heat lamps and celebratory sirloins for giddy high rollers. Many now offer world-class restaurants led by celebrity chefs who set nationwide culinary trends with boundary-pushing menus.

In Detroit, Prism Bar & Grill is a great spot for upscale Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant’s menu features squash-bundled crab on wild rice, white fish with dates and labneh, and more.

Prism is also known for its excellent service and its ambiance. Diners can enjoy the view of the Detroit skyline while savoring the food. It is recommended to make a reservation beforehand. The price range is fairly reasonable at this restaurant. The staff is well-trained and friendly. You can order tasty vegetable pizza and penne pasta at this place.

5. The Cheesecake Factory

There are plenty of restaurants that have better food and drinks than The Cheesecake Factory, but the chain’s gauzy nostalgia and the fact that it has never been anything other than a huge American diner keeps it in a special place in the hearts of many. For millennials, the chain represents the kind of casual, carb-heavy dining experience that’s tethered to childhood memories and deep nostalgia.

Even though The Cheesecake Factory has a menu that spans over 20 pages, it still feels democratic; you can find something for everyone. Its cult following has become so strong that it could actually make the chain more popular than it ever was before the pandemic struck.