Blockchain Casino – What You Need to Know

Blockchain Casino – What You Need to Know

Whenever you hear the term Blockchain Casino, you probably think of some type of online gambling site that uses the latest technology to process the game. Sadly, however, there are many of these sites that are simply a rip-off. So, how can you tell which are the legitimate sites and which are not? Here are a few things to consider.

Edgeless casino

Founded in 2016, Edgeless is a crypto-powered online casino that offers a wide array of games and bonuses. It is a long-time contender in the crypto industry and has received an operating license from the government of Curacao.

The Edgeless casino is a decentralized application built on the Ethereum public blockchain. The application is operated by an independent team. It also includes a proprietary casino platform.

The Edgeless casino has a unique design and offers a wide variety of payment methods. It accepts Edgeless tokens as well as other cryptocurrencies, such as GBP, Litecoin and ETH. The casino also features a mobile interface.

The casino also features a VIP program that offers dedicated support managers. This program also includes a 10% cashback. The casino also offers a jackpot chest that unlocks after a wager of $150.


Powered by TRON (Tron) Blockchain Technology, BetTronLive is the first of its kind live dealer casino platform. Its unique interface and real time gaming experience will give online casino enthusiasts the experience of playing live in a land based casino without the hassles of travelling.

With BetTronLive, players will have the opportunity to mine RAKE tokens, the native crypto-currency of the platform. Mining RAKE is made simple thanks to a proof of play algorithm. RAKE tokens can be claimed into your wallet directly from the platform.

BetTronLive is also introducing the Community Payday Pot. This feature will reward RAKE holders with an extra incentive to hold onto their tokens. Each week, BetTronLive will draw a random winner from the pot and distribute it to RAKE holders.


Using a decentralized and anonymous blockchain technology, Fire Lotto has introduced the world’s first global lottery. The new blockchain lottery uses Ethereum smart contracts, enabling secure and instant payments. The winnings are distributed through a distributed ledger system.

Fire Lotto has launched an ICO campaign in March 2018. This initial coin offering will give investors a chance to purchase tokens, which they can then use to play the lottery. Interested investors will be able to buy tokens at a price of $0.50 per token.

The Fire Lotto team is comprised of a group of experienced tech and finance entrepreneurs. They have decades of experience in the gambling industry and have developed a decentralized lottery platform on the Ethereum blockchain. The team is dedicated to providing a secure and transparent platform for lottery games.


Powered by NFTs, Exeedme is a gamer-centric ecosystem that allows gamers of all skill levels to earn money. This is done by matching gamers with other players of similar skill level, who can then challenge them. The players are then rewarded through NFTs.

The Exeedme team is made up of seasoned entrepreneurs and creative professional developers. Their mission is to structure a fair Play2Earn gaming ecosystem. They plan to use innovations in cryptocurrencies, such as DeFi and NFTs, to do just that.

They have pulled a big list of high profile investors who will be instrumental in the project’s success. In addition to this, the team has pulled in advisors from the gaming and entrepreneur industries. They have also acquired a UK Gambling Operating License.

Real Casino Blockchain

Using a blockchain to power a decentralized gambling platform has a lot of perks. It can deduct fees from your wallet without a hitch, and deposit winnings into the same wallet. Best of all, it doesn’t put your crypto coins to the sword. Using a platform like this is the perfect way to make your crypto money go further. If you are a big fan of crypto coin gambling, then this might be the casino for you.

Real Casino Blockchain uses a sophisticated smart contract system to handle all of the heavy lifting. For instance, it offers a full suite of crypto games, as well as business to business services, including crypto predictions, crypto currency exchange and more. The smart contract is able to deliver high quality and innovative games in a matter of seconds.