The Best Casino Cheat in History

The Best Casino Cheat in History

Whether you’re into poker or not, you’ve probably heard of the famous poker cheat known as the “Deuce to Win” strategy. This cheat has been used by many professional poker players to win thousands of dollars. While it is not as easy as many might think, it’s definitely a good strategy to know. Here are a few ways to use the cheat to your advantage.

Dustin Marks

During the 1980s, Dustin Marks and his cronies made millions of dollars cheating at casinos. Fortunately for the public, Dustin and his associates never got caught.

During his career, Dustin and his accomplices carried out a series of schemes that netted up to $150,000 a night. During his career, Dustin Marks was one of the most prolific inside casino cheaters in US history.

Marks was a highly skilled blackjack dealer who ran his own team of cheaters. He was also a skilled magician and card mucker.

Dustin Marks was born in the mid 1950s. He took magic skills to Las Vegas after college.

Dominic LoRiggio

Despite the fact that he’s a famous gambler, Dominic LoRiggio has never been accused of cheating in any game of chance. Instead, LoRiggio is credited with creating a method for throwing dice that is actually quite effective. He’s also got the nickname ‘the man with the golden arm’.

Unlike the majority of other gambling experts, LoRiggio actually uses a system to determine what numbers will land on the dice. He’s been able to prove the effectiveness of his method through tracking software. LoRiggio has been involved in the creation of a number of books about his life and his exploits.

Phil Ivey

During his career as a poker pro, Phil Ivey has been able to take advantage of a variety of tricks to snag millions of dollars in winnings. One of these tricks is known as edge sorting. It involves spotting small differences in the backs of cards.

In fact, Ivey used this technique to win $10 million at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City. The casino claimed that Ivey had cheated and refused to pay him any of his winnings. But Ivey and his legal team fought back.

Richard Marcus

Among the most successful casino cheats in history is Richard Marcus. Throughout his 25-year career, he travelled the world and racked up millions of dollars. He even helped devise some of the more complex and innovative cheating schemes of the day. He has also consulted on ways to protect casinos from scammers.

The first casino cheating scheme that Richard Marcus devised was to hide his bets behind a series of small chips. This was a clever move that allowed him to change his losses and winnings without the hassle of revealing the game to the dealer.


Inventor of the first card counting system, Edward O Thorp was a professor at MIT who was able to use mathematics to make thousands of dollars in gambling. He also founded the world’s first hedge fund, launching Princeton Newport Partners. He made a fortune investing in Warren Buffet’s company Berkshire Hathaway.

Thorp studied mathematics and probability. He used this knowledge to create a system to keep track of cards already dealt. He also devised a system that would allow him to make a higher bet when the cards were advantageous and a lower bet when they were disadvantageous. This allowed him to make a profit of over $11,000 in thirty hours of play.


Whether you consider him to be the best casino cheat of all time or the worst, you have to admit that Tommy Glenn Carmichael is no ordinary person. He was not a household name, but he cheated in hundreds of casinos throughout the world. He also has a minor drug conviction and juvenile mischief on his record. He also moonlighted as a pool hustler.

Carmichael was a TV repairman, but he discovered a knack for hacking slot machines. He then taught others how to do it. The cheating techniques evolved over the years, and the techniques improved with the advancements in slot machine technology.


During the 1980’s and 1990’s, Ron Harris worked for the Nevada Gaming Control Board as a computer technician. During this time, he was responsible for testing slot machines to ensure that they were functioning correctly. In the early 1990’s, he developed a program that would predict the results of Keno games and reprogrammed slot machines to pay out big jackpots when certain sequences of coins were inserted. He then enlisted the help of a long time friend to help him win big in Nevada.

Harris was a nerdy kid who loved taking things apart and putting them back together. He had a fascination with electronics that eventually developed into a serious knowledge of computers. After working for the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Harris started winning jackpots in Nevada and other states.